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Sensory Input

I have more time these days to be still and quiet in my garden. This raises my awareness of how we become what we consume. As I admire my garden, I notice the driving force and raison d’être for the flowering plants is to flower and for my tomato plants it is to bear fruit. As I care for my vegetables, I notice how the fertilizer, water and sun are all contributing to the end result of beautiful delicious edibles. When my plants have all the things they need like water, sun and shade when it is really hot, they are able to thrive. This lesson has taught me to notice that I have a driving force to practice, study and teach yoga and to nourish this so I may blossom and share my gifts with the world. I believe that we each have a special skill or talent that only we possess, and we need to nurture our inherent strengths, overcome our weaknesses and challenges to find fulfilment and purpose in life. 

It is important to pay attention to what we bring into our body, mind and our being through our senses and our thoughts. If we nourish ourselves then we will thrive and if we intake unhealthy foods, negativity from what we watch and listen to then we will get sick. Our miraculous body has the tremendous potential to heal, repair and restore itself if we set it up to do so. You have the power to raise awareness to what are you eating, listening to, watching and allowing to enter, which will then become you. We are what we eat, and we become what we think! It is never too late to raise awareness to this fact and to nourish your soul to vibrate at your highest potential.