"Island of the Gods"

A healing journey to Bali

October 31st - November 9th, 2024

BOOKINGS OPEN: Find calm and balance in the serene landscapes, delve deep into local culture, and experience ancient healing traditions.

Hosted by Debi Robinson & Kate Horsburgh

Is Bali on your bucket list? Imagine 10 magical days on this enchanting island, where every moment is designed to reconnect you with your inner wanderlust. The Bali Wellness Journey is more than just a trip; it’s an opportunity to find calm and balance amidst serene landscapes, delve deep into local culture, and experience ancient healing traditions.

This unique Wellbeing Journey has been thoughtfully created to help you escape from routine, habits, everyday life, and responsibilities. Come and immerse yourself in ten days of joyful self-care, rest, relaxation, and mindfulness.

In our daily classes, we will share our experience, training, and love of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and yoga nidra with you. We will also explore Bali together and learn about the culture and some ancient Balinese healing practices.

We will also hold space and be there for you. We want you to have the tools, the time, and the environment to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

Why This Journey is Unique

This is not your typical Bali vacation. The Bali Wellness Journey is a unique opportunity to empower, strengthen, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Each aspect of the trip has been thoughtfully curated to ensure your adventure is safe, enjoyable, and transformative.

What Awaits You

  • Cultural Immersion: Explore the rich heritage of Bali, from its vibrant arts scene to its spiritual ceremonies.
  • Healing Traditions: Engage in ancient Balinese healing practices that will leave you feeling renewed and invigorated.
  • Wellness Activities: Participate in daily yoga and meditation sessions to build strength, awareness, and confidence.
  • Serene Landscapes: Discover the breathtaking beauty of Bali’s beaches, rice terraces, and lush jungles.
  • Local Cuisine: Savor the flavors of Bali with healthy, delicious meals that nourish your body and soul.

Reconnect with Yourself

This journey is all about you. It’s an invitation to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a new culture while building strength and awareness in your body and mind. You’ll return home not just with memories but with a renewed sense of self.

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Your Guides

Debi and Kate first met virtually in 2020 and found an instant connection based on shared interests, many life coincidences, purpose, and passions.

Many conversations later, they finally met in real life – on a holistic health retreat Kate was running on the Isle of Wight. They went on to host a retreat together – the hugely successful Bali Wellbeing Journey, in 2023.

Rest assured, you’re in the hands of seasoned professionals. Debi and Kate bring with them a wealth of experience and training in hosting retreats, teaching yoga and meditation, and living and traveling in Asia, ensuring your journey is safe, enriching, and transformative.

Interested in the 2024 Bali Journey?

Statue at the Water Palace, Bali

Our Team

In Bali we have engaged a trusted local social enterprise to manage our logistics and help us explore beyond the surface of life in Bali. The enterprise focuses on sustainable tourism initiatives that support the economic development of local rural communities, while protecting and preserving natural resources.

They will help us provide an inspiring and responsible travel experience for our guests that showcases the beauty, history, culture and magic of Bali.

Debi Robinson

Hello. I’m Debi Robinson, a Yoga Therapist and Functional Health Coach. I specialize in healthy aging and focus on maintaining strong bones for life. As a bone health expert, I will share ways to build strong, fracture-resistant bones throughout our journey.

At age 50, my body was broken, and I was completely incapacitated, which gave me profound insight into the importance of our bones, joints, and muscles for maintaining an active lifestyle. After undergoing a total hip replacement at age 51, I slowly but surely got my life back. I know what it takes to build strength and functionality safely and how vital these are for healthy aging and a full and active life.

I have practised yoga since 1996 and I appreciate all the wisdom that this practice shares including movement, breath work and learning how to manage your thoughts for stress management.

Yoga is a science of self care and the practice teaches us how to live in harmony and find balance in the mind, body, and spirit with the daily cycles of the sun and moon. When you are in a balanced state you will be the healthiest version of yourself.

Good health is not achieved through a piecemeal approach, but through a lifestyle approach. My passion is to empower people to take control of how they are aging because this is the only life we have and I want to help you live an active lifestyle forever.

Traveling can place an extra toll on the body. The time changes along with extra physical demands such as walking to see the sights can have quite an impact. On my retreats, I incorporate daily movement practices to help keep your strength, flexibility and range of motion in your joints optimized, so that you can enjoy travelling to the full and prevent aches, pains and falls.

Word Traveler

I have been very fortunate to travel around the world a few times with family, and friends, in groups, and by myself. I love to travel and explore new places.

I have experienced many group trips, and I have learned what are the best aspects of group travel and have incorporated them into this unique experience. Bali is one of my favorite places and I look forward to sharing my love of adventure, well-being and yoga with you there.

Kate Horsburgh

I’m Kate Horsburgh, I help my clients create their optimal holistic health and learn how to maintain their wellbeing.

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Integrative Nutritionist Health Coach, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Holistic Chef.

Having worked in the corporate world and experienced extreme stress, burnout, total body and lifestyle imbalance, I am perfectly placed to guide and support my clients so they achieve their wellbeing and health goals.

My philosophy in life is to do everything possible to make the most of it. I love to help people improve their health, mental, physical and emotional wellbeing so that they too can maximise their time on earth. Healthily, and for as long as possible.

We don’t get a manual on how we work and can slide into a mindless routine of old habits – many of which no longer serve us well, if they ever did.

We are all too often the last thing we will invest our time, effort and resources in – until things go wrong. With support, conscious mindful practices and a better understanding of our bodies, minds and needs, we can identify the things we are lacking and create meaningful and joyful change to bring ourselves gently back into balance.

Eastern philosophies, ancient wisdom and the best of modern science and research provide us with valuable information, but sifting through to find what will actually work (and stick) for you can feel overwhelming and even impossible. I help my clients find their unique solutions to get the results they desire, but struggle to achieve alone.

Word Traveler

India, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Singapore, Spain and Oman were home for me for almost 30 years, I currently live in the UK with my husband, three children and two dogs.

Travel, lifelong learning and wellbeing are some of my passions. I’m curious about the choices we make, and how our environments influence our health.

I first visited Bali in 1995, after studying Balinese temple architecture at SOAS, and have returned many times over the years. I can’t wait to share this beautiful restorative journey with you.

Daily Itinerary: October 31st thru November 9th

Day 1

October 31st

Hotel Anumana

  • Airport pick up from Denpasar
  • Transfer to hotel
  • Check in at 12:00
  • Debi and Kate will greet you
  • Orientation and introduction
  • Welcome circle and dinner

Welcome to Bali.

This is where our wellbeing journey begins. Your journey to peace, calm, rest and relaxation – with amazing scenery, fascinating culture and inspiring new  experiences.

Day 2

November 1st

  • Yoga overlooking the Monkey Forest
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Balinese village life experience
  • Traditional Balinese village lunch
  • Sunset Meditation
  • Dinner at your leisure

Our first full day together, and a rich
program of cultural experiences. We begin with yoga, after breakfast we visit a local village to learn about everyday life in Bali – from offerings to food to the importance of ritual.

Day 3

November 2nd

  • Morning Yoga
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Balinese Cooking Class
  • Lunch together – enjoying the dishes we made
  • Free afternoon for self care or exploring/shoppping/treatments
  • Sound Bath Experience
Today we learn all about Balinese food. We will have a fun cooking lesson and then eat what we made. A peaceful afternoon to have some time to rest, enjoy a treatment, go exploring or curl up with a book by the pool. In the evening we meet up to experience a healing sound bath.

Day 4

November 3rd

  • Early Breakfast at the hotel
  • Tirta Empul water temple
  • Purification ceremony
  • Visit to the tea farm
  • Lunch at the farm
  • Tea-making class
  • Evening sunset meditation
    and Pranayama

Today we will visit a revered 10th century water temple to experience an ancient purification ceremony with holy spring water.

We will then travel to a Balinese tea farm for lunch, and a lesson in making your own herbal healing teas using local flowers and herbs.

Day 5
Northwest Bali

November 4th

  • Breakfast in Ubud
  • Visit to Beratan Temple and lakeside park
  • Lunch at Rumah Gemuk
  • Check in to our hotel
  • Evening Yoga Meditation
  • Relax and enjoy exploring your new environment.
Today we say farewell to Ubud and travel over the mountains to Northwest Bali. On our way we will visit the iconic and ancient Beratan temple, dedicated to Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. Lunch will be at the beautiful Rumah Gemuk, before carrying on to our next stay – Pemuteran.

Day 6
Northwest Bali

November 5th

  • Morning Yoga in the garden shall
  • Beachside breakfast listening to the waves
  • Sunset Pranayama and Yoga Nidra class
  • Evening at your leisure for connecting with your new acquaintances or curling up with a good book.

After the bustle and busyness of Ubud and the activities we have a complete change of pace. This is a day to completely relax and rest, to go with the flow – walk, read, swim in the sea or lie by the pool. Book treatments or sit by the beach.

The day is yours to completely tap into indulging yourself and enjoying the slower pace as you wish.

Day 7
Northwest Bali

November 6th

  • Morning yoga
  • Beachside breakfast
  • Arts and Crafts visit
  • Lunch at the village
  • Relaxing afternoon – free time for treatments
  • Beach Meditation and

Bali is renowned for its arts and crafts – today we will meet a local artisan and his family to learn about Balinese bamboo weaving.

The family will cook us a traditional Balinese lunch and you can try your hand at weaving.

A peaceful afternoon relaxing, before our sunset get together for meditation.

Day 8
Northwest Bali

November 7th

  • Morning Yoga
  • Beachside breakfast
  • Visit to Melanting Temple to explore
  • Sacred blessing ceremony
  • Siesta or treatments
  • Sunset beach walk with meditation and sharing
  • Farewell dinner and

Bali is known for its arts and crafts – today we will meet an artist and his family to learn about Balinese textile work. Followed by a chance to try your skills at playing the Balinese flute.

It’s our last day up on the Northwest coast so we will have an afternoon of free time before meeting for a final “farewell” dinner together.

Day 9

November 8th

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Depart from Pemuteran
  • Travel to Sanur through the middle of Bali
  • Lunch at Bedugul
  • Check in to hotel in Sanur
  • Sunset silent meditation on the beach

On our last full day together on this Wellbeing Journey – we will head down through the centre of Bali to spend the night in Sanur.

On the way we will make a stop at the strawberry fields and we will have lunch together on the way.

Day 10

November 9th

  • Sunrise on the beach Breakfast at the hotel
  • Farewells
  • Check out at 11am
  • Make your way to your next destination

So many memories to look back on and remember from your Bali wellbeing retreat.

Pack them up and take them with you, to remind you of slowing your pace, finding your balance and feeling deeply grounded in mind, body and spirit. Take vibrant wellbeing and the magical ancient healing energy of Bali home with you.


  • Airport pick-up and transfer on arrival

  • Hotels – nine nights accommodation

  • Meals – all breakfasts, plus dinner OR lunch most days. Included meals are marked on the schedule

  • Snacks and filtered water refill provision

  • Entrance fees, local donations. Your participation directly supports the livelihood of local village communities in Bali.

  • Temple visits – all offerings, sarong and sash

  • All activities listed on the schedule (should an activity be cancelled due to adverse weather or unforeseen events, an alternative will be arranged).

  • Private air-conditioned coach and English-speaking guide

  • A variety of Yoga, Yoga Nidra., Meditation or Pranayama (breathwork) classes daily – morning and evening where possible.

  • Introductory Indonesian language and Balinese customs/etiquette


  • All meals not mentioned in the daily inclusions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Airport drop-off for departure
  • Hotel and travel incidentals, personal purchases
  • Tips – for our tour guides and driver, if you choose to participate
  • Any entrance fees not mentioned in the daily inclusions
  • Personal travel and accident insurance (essential)
  • International flights – round-trip airfares to and from Denpasar, Bali
  • Treatments and extras not in the itinerary

Trip Cost

Per person
single occupancy – $3,620

Per person
double occupancy – $3,260

Payment Schedule

$830 non-refundable deposit to reserve your place

50% initial balance of $1,395 for single occupancy ($1,215 for double occupancy) due on 30th June, 2024

50% remaining balance of $1,395 for single occupancy ($1,215 for double occupancy) due on 30th August, 2024

* Payment by credit card or bank transfer. If paying by credit card there is a 3% fee

Cancellation & Deposit Policy

  • 90 days or more before travel – loss of deposit
  • 61 – 89 days before travel – 25% or loss of deposit (whichever is greater)
  • 31- 60 days – 60% cancellation charge
  • Less than 30 days before departure – 100% cancellation charge

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