Take Charge Of Your Bones And Bring Strength Into Your Body And Mind

Experience The Transformative Power of Personalized Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis And Feel Confident In Your Bones

Tired of feeling sidelined by weak bones and limited mobility? 

If you’ve been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis and are searching for effective ways to strengthen your bones without relying on medications for life, then I have an exciting solution for you.

See — Osteoporosis isn’t inevitable. And it takes more than a pill to take control of it. 

Safe and strong movement is crucial to building bones. 

Imagine having a customized yoga plan tailored specifically to your needs, providing you with the tools of movement, breath, mindfulness, and meditation. 

These powerful practices will empower you to develop your own safe and strong daily self-care regimen, so you can start reversing your osteoporosis and live life on your terms once again.

Discover the Path to Unbreakable Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

Do you want to...

Here's a glimpse of what we will cover in our sessions:

This program includes three 60-minute sessions, practice videos to continue your journey at home, assessment videos and handy checklists to keep track of your progress, and valuable links to other helpful resources.


"I reversed my Osteoporosis! I have studied Yoga for Osteoporosis with Debi since 2015. I have had osteoporosis for years and after taking her classes I no longer have osteoporosis in my back, and my hip bone density has improved. The poses also help with balance, strength, stronger bones and mindset."
“Debi, I feel so fortunate that I came upon you, I might've been googling around and I had heard about "yoga for osteoporosis" and there you were!! It's made a huge difference; I feel like I'm getting stronger. I think I told you, I'm turning 70 in January, and I've done yoga on and off since I was 19. But hadn’t been able to do it for at least 5 years, due to wrist problems, pain travelled up my arm all the way to my shoulder and neck. Now I’m now able to do the poses without any pain radiating!!”
RN, Midwife
"My biggest take away from her is meditation and I use it for everything. I realize that my default setting is fight or flight mode and to recognize that I am in that mode and to calm down and breath thoughtfully has been a godsend and has been profound. I have lost over 115 pounds, which I attribute to the mindfulness, truly."

Strong Bone Health Lifestyle

3 Sessions

In this 3 session program you will create a customized lifestyle that focuses on adding daily movements to strengthen your bones, posture and balance. It will be specific to your needs and will include movement, breath work and mindfulness practices that are proven to reverse osteoporosis.

This is our primary consultation and assessment of what your posture, spinal alignment, balance, and strength are like today, what your goals are for the future, and how you can get there with yoga therapy.

This is our foundational yoga therapy practice focusing on strengthening your body, bones, and balance using postures on the floor, seated, and kneeling. This is where I watch you and help you find the safest, strongest simulation, specific to your body’s needs. 

A customized journey that challenges your body and bones with standing postures. Discover how to incorporate yoga therapy into every single day, seamlessly and without thinking about it too much. Create little bone-building habits all day long!

This program includes three 60-minute sessions, practice videos to continue your journey at home, assessment videos and handy checklists to keep track of your progress, and valuable links to other helpful resources.

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About Debi Robinson

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist sharing the wisdom of yoga and evidence based research to help empower my students to utilize the tremendous healing potential that exists within each and everyone of us. Moderating the stress in our lives is how we can remain in balance and attain optimal health from a metabolic, physiological and biochemical aspect. Yoga has tools for the mind to help self modulate stress and for the body to keep you strong, limber and mobile and out of pain or discomfort.

As a Certified Health Coach, I work with you to uncover hidden stress inside your body and mind. Once we discover possible imbalances and stressors I will empower you to implement behavioral, dietary and lifestyle changes to move toward thriving health.

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