I am a Yoga Therapist specializing in yoga for the management of osteoporosis, aging and injured bodies, stress reduction and chronic pain.

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I am a certified health coach who helps figure out why you’re not feeling well, have low energy, and feel stuck and I provide guidance on how to get back to optimum health.

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About Debi Robinson

I am a Yoga Therapist passionate about sharing the pearls of wisdom of yoga to help empower my students to heal their bodies, minds and souls. Navigating our stressful lives is a challenge and we need something to help keep us in balance. Yoga Therapy is an essential component of a happy life. Yoga is the answer!

We all strive to live with more energy and better health! As a Certified Health Coach, I have access to run and interpret functional labs to help you uncover stress inside your body. Working with me to discover possible imbalances will empower you to implement behavioral, dietary and lifestyle changes to move toward thriving health.

My Journey

In deep gratitude to all of my teachers for all their wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. Thank you for teaching me so that I may teach others to manifest health, happiness, and balance in their lives.

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We can’t always be together, so I will be creating a variety of free videos to help you with your practice for the times when we are apart.

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