Episode 66: HRT and Bone Health: Debunking Myths with Medical Professional Dr. Lorraine Maita 

Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast: Take Control of Your Bone Health

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[3:41] BHRT and the differences between all the various acronyms
[6:13] Fear of hormones and mis representation of scientific studies
[12:01] Progesterone and the different ways to take it
[14:23] Measuring hormones
[15:33] Bad Estrogen
[18:19] Dutch test
[19:59] More about Dr. Lorraine and the work she does
[21:14] Educating doctors
[23:32] What is happening post menopause because of diminishing hormones
[24:10] Estrogen through the skin
[25:03] The latest studies
[29:05] Other benefits to Estrogen for quality of life
[29:48] Educating her patients and her course Is HRT right for you?
[36:19] Who can take HRT?
[39:41] Benefits of hormones
[41:10] Hot flashes
[44:08] Not just about hormones and bones – it’s balance

Stronger Bones at Any Age: The HRT Advantage

Welcome back to the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast. In Episode 66, host Debi Robinson welcomes Dr. Lorraine Maita, the Hormone Harmonizer and Detoxifier, to dive deep into the often-misunderstood world of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its connection to bone health and overall wellness.

Dr. Lorraine, a specialist in hormone management licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida, joins Debi to shed light on the benefits and risks of HRT for perimenopausal and menopausal women. Dr. Lorraine shares her expertise on progesterone use, various methods for hormone measurement, and the tools she employs to ensure hormone balance, such as the Dutch test. 

Throughout the episode, Debi and Dr. Lorraine address common concerns and misconceptions regarding HRT, especially the fears surrounding breast cancer and cardiovascular risks. Recent studies are highlighted, revealing that when administered correctly, HRT’s benefits, including improved bone density, significantly outweigh potential risks. This conversation is essential for women of all ages, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and ongoing lifestyle management to prevent bone loss and enhance overall well-being.

Join Debi and Dr. Lorraine as they explore how a balanced approach to hormones, nutrition, and lifestyle can radically improve quality of life and underscore the importance of education in making informed health decisions.

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"The risk of breast cancer doesn’t come from hormones, it comes from your lifestyle – its so multi factorial." [10:47]

"It’s the not the absolute levels that matter as much as it is the balance." [17:27]

"It's not now here lets just take hormones, we also have to have a system that’s functional." [27:01]

"When you support your bones you’re supporting everything else." [42:26]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Women over 60 can still benefit from hormone therapy, although starting therapy earlier yields better results in preventing osteoporosis and other health issues. Hormone therapy can help increase bone density, protect the brain, relieve menopause symptoms, and support gut and oral microbiome health.

Lorraine measures hormone levels in three ways: blood, saliva, and urine. She also utilizes the Dutch test to monitor hormone processing, although she acknowledges that this method can be expensive and is not typically covered by insurance.

Lorraine prefers oral progesterone because it is more effective in aiding sleep and anxiety relief. She points out that progesterone cream is limited due to its inability to be accurately measured in the blood.

There are misconceptions that hormone therapy, especially synthetic hormones, significantly increases the risk of breast cancer. However, Lorraine highlights that the risk is more closely related to lifestyle and environmental factors. She also differentiates between synthetic progesterone, which may increase breast cancer risk, and natural bioidentical hormones, which do not.

Lorraine offers a course titled “Is HRT right for you?” This course helps women assess their risk factors and decide if HRT could benefit them. It also provides education on the benefits and risks of HRT, helping women understand its impact on their quality of life.

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