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If you have a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia and you are looking for a natural way to improve your bone health without medication you are in the right place!

In one second, this diagnosis can change your life. Many I work with say they stayed home and cried for days or weeks. There is such a feeling of fragility that overtakes you and you wonder if you can rely on your body anymore? I experienced this when my hip joint collapsed, and I couldn’t rely on my body to live life the way I wanted.

Let me guide you as I have guided 100’s of others to learn what is possible! You do have the power to improve your bone density and so much more so you can live an active life and enjoy all the activities that bring you joy.

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“Bones don’t just break; they break because you fall”
– Loren Fishman MD


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Weekly Classes

I teach a variety of classes on Zoom and YouTube. My classes for Torrance Memorial Medical Center are registered through the hospital and those on YouTube are donation based. My offerings range from Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Wellness, Chair Yoga for Healthy Aging and Stress Management.

About Debi Robinson

At 51, I had a total hip replacement and I know what it feels like when you think you can’t rely on your bones anymore because they seem fragile and weak. You stop participating in the activities you used to love because you are worried about breaking a bone and you feel like you are living in a tiny box of movement. 

I have insight and foresight of how important it is to have strong bones, muscles and flexibility to have the confidence and freedom of movement to live a very active lifestyle. I also know the biology of bone health and how hormone and mineral imbalances, chronic inflammation and poor gut health contributes to slow leaks in the density and quality of your bones and once you uncover where this is happening you can put an end to it! Bone loss is not an inevitable aspect of aging.

I would love to guide you in the way I have helped myself and hundreds of women just like you, transform your bone health to live your life to the fullest because I know that it is possible.

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