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If you have a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia and you are looking for a natural way to improve your bone health without medication you are in the right place!

In one second, this diagnosis can change your life. Many I work with say they stayed home and cried for days or weeks. There is such a feeling of fragility that overtakes you and you wonder if you can rely on your body anymore? I experienced this when my hip joint collapsed, and I couldn’t rely on my body to live life the way I wanted.

Let me guide you as I have guided 100’s of others to learn what is possible! You do have the power to improve your bone density and so much more so you can live an active life and enjoy all the activities that bring you joy.

“I realized my leg strength and balance were comparable to 20 years ago!”

– Cathy R.

“Bones don’t just break; they break because you fall”
– Loren Fishman MD

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Debi Robinson Credentails

Learn How To Reverse Your Osteoporosis

Bone Health Transformation Programs

Most in depth take control of your bone health programs I offer. This is for those who want to avoid taking medications and really get to the root cause of “Why do I have Osteoporosis?” A customized program specific to you using functional labs and a thorough intake process to get to the root causes of your bone density loss so you can reverse it and get on with your life. 

Private Osteoporosis Lifestyle Programs

A customized program of movement, stress management and some basic nutritional aspects of bone health. Including private sessions with guidance on how to incorporate what you will need to stop bone loss and building better quality and stronger bones, better posture and stronger balance. (3 or 5 session packages)

Osteoporosis Lifestyle Courses- Group Course

4 times a year I hold a live interactive course on Zoom to share information and resources for you to create your own daily routine for stronger bones and balance! Implementing the tools of movement, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, mindset, and nutrition.

Weekly guided donation-based classes- Yoga for Osteoporosis

I teach a class through a hospital in Southern California on Tuesdays on Zoom and a Live YouTube class every Thursday. These are for you to maintain a weekly guided safe practice as I teach postures to focus on alignment, posture, strength, flexibility and lots of bone stimulation and stress management techniques.

Class Schedule

I teach a variety of classes on Zoom and YouTube. My classes for Torrance Memorial Medical Center are registered through the hospital and those on YouTube are donation based. My offerings range from Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Wellness, Chair Yoga for Healthy Aging and Stress Management.

Osteoporosis is a lifestyle disease, and your lifestyle and behaviors have an effect moment by moment on the health, strength and density of your bones. You need to get to the root cause of imbalances in your body and mind if you want to take charge of your bone health!

About Debi Robinson

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist and Health Coach. I love to garden, cook and travel to Scotland, the home of my ancestors, and Bali and India where there is so much peace, beauty and love. I take people on wellness inspired journeys to Scotland and Bali to share what I love with others.

At 51, I had a total hip replacement and understand what it feels like to be handicapped, worried and feel like you can’t rely on your body to live the life you want to live. I know what it takes to uncover where you need healing and then to build up strength, balance and health in your body, bones and mind. This experience inspired me to study with Loren Fishman MD, to learn about bones and joints and how to be safe in my body as I was healing. I became certified to teach Yoga for Osteoporosis with him because his study proves that you can reverse osteoporosis with yoga, he is brilliant, he loves yoga and understands the deep healing possible with daily movement, breath, good nutrition and stress management.

Since 2010, my focus has been on teaching the tools of yoga therapy to counter the functional loss we experience as we age and especially bone density loss in Osteoporosis.

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