Feeling Weak, Fragile, and Breakable? Discover the True Root Cause of Your “Leaky Bones”

See How I Bounced Back From a Total Hip Replacement in 6 Months When I was 51

My hip joint collapsed at 50, and I felt betrayed by my body.

I didn’t think bone breakdown would cripple my quality of life at such a young age.

I stopped moving much for fear of fracturing my hip. (I thought my hip bone would break in two)

I became inactive, dependent on others, handicapped, depressed, and had a lower quality of life in all areas of my life.

I gained 30 lbs, lost a lot of muscle, and felt hopeless.

I knew I had to do something.

Spending the next 40+ years trapped in my body felt like no way to live.

Conventional medicine gave me a new hip, but it could not help all of the other aspects of being strong and active as I age.

I did NOT want to rely on potentially dangerous medications for the rest of my life.

(That was the ONLY option I was given.)

6 months after my hip replacement, I was climbing a mountain in India, and I couldn’t believe I had gotten my life back.

Hiking that mountain was so profound for me. Not only did I get to walk again, but I also got to hike.

And you know what else I got?

Confidence, strength, balance. I’m no longer worried about my bones because I know I can control what happens to them.

And I want to show you how you can do the same.

I know exactly what it feels like to feel fragile, breakable, and constantly worrying if your bones are breaking down.

Hi, I'm Debi Robinson

I’m a certified Yoga Therapist and a Functional Health Coach helping women use natural approaches to taking control of their bone health.

I’m on a mission to change the way we think about osteoporosis — bone loss is not an inevitable part of aging.

After my total hip replacement at 51, I found a path to rebuilding my bone loss, increasing my strength, and feeling confident enough to travel again and even stand one one leg on the edge of a wall.

And I’ve helped thousands of women do the same!

Over the course of my journey, I’ve discovered little-known secrets and developed protocols to reverse bone loss by looking at the root causes deep inside where bone remodeling takes place.

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Ready to Take Control of Your Bone Health and Future?

Osteoporosis is not a “one-pill-fix-all” disease.

It’s infuriating that we’re told we just have to “live with it.”

You see, the truth is that bone loss is reversible once you uncover WHY your body is breaking down bone faster than it’s building.

And it all starts in your gut!

Imagine living without fear of fracture, feeling confident that you have control, and being stronger than you have in years…

Introducing the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program

I developed this signature program from years of working with women to uncover the root causes of bone loss and teach them how to strengthen their body, bones, and balance through a “stronger bones lifestyle.”

Your gut holds the key to building stronger bones.

(There are over 46,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles exploring the gut/bone connection!)

In 90 days, you’ll discover how to turn the ship around by uncovering the 7 main root causes of bone loss and how you can fix them.ir


Module 1 – Getting to the Roots or Getting to the “Why” of your bone loss

  • Start with a comprehensive evaluation of your bone health, your lifestyle, and your diet
  • Address your digestive health, nutritional and mineral deficiencies and set you up with a nutrition plan to support strong, good quality bones- feed your beautiful bones
  • Learn what foods contribute to bone loss and the foods that build better quality bones

Module 2 – Enhancing Your Body’s Natural Strength Plugging Up The Leaks

  • Look at your current supplement routine and see if it’s right for you
  • Discuss the gut-bone connection and start healing leaky gut which leads to leaky bones
  • Learn more about how important a healthy gut is to your bone health

Module 3 – Balancing What’s Inside Your Body

  • Identify the factors that create imbalance inside your body which are dissolving your bones
  • Learn how to support friendly bacteria because studies show that gut microbes increase bone mass and improve osteoporosis
  • Learn how pathogens, yeast and bacterial overgrowth can contribute to bone loss and self-assess to see if you have any overgrowth

Module 4 – Supporting Your Body to Detox

  • Determine your body’s toxicity load, and begin to eliminate the toxins that contribute to your bone loss
  • Look at the crucial ways you can support your body’s natural ability to detox 
  • Work on removing toxins and cleaning up your environment

Module 5 – Strong And Safe Bone Building Movement

  • Discover what type of movement is necessary to create bone stimulation- especially in the hip, spine and wrists
  • Master the skills to become “bendable and not breakable” for fall prevention
  • Create “dancing ankles” for fall and fracture prevention

Module 6 – Putting It All Together and Lifestyle

  • Learn how to make the routines a lifestyle so you can be in control of your body and bones as you age
  • Define the stressors in your life that are contributing to bone loss 
  • Look at strategies to minimize stress and build harmony in our lives to build stronger bones

Invest in Your Future Health

You can’t put a price on bone health.

And you cannot afford to postpone taking care of your bones forever.

I’m on a mission to reach as many women as possible to help transform their bone health…

Which is why I’ve created an affordable program for you to identify your root causes of bone loss.  

Join the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones group program for only $297.

That means you’ll be paying less than a coffee a day to get stronger and healthier bones in as little as 90 days.

The course is delivered LIVE over 90 days, with two group sessions each month. The live sessions will be on Zoom and they will be recorded and shared with the group within 2 days so if you miss live you won’t be missing out.
  • Tuesday, February 7 @ 4 pm pst
  • Tuesday, February 21 @ 4 pm pst
  • Tuesday, March 7 @ 4 pm pst
  • Tuesday, March 21 @ 4 pm pst
  • Tuesday, April 4 @ 4 pm pst
  • Tuesday, April 18 @ 4 pm pst

Hear what my clients have to say. This same approach can work for you!!!

I promise, your situation is not hopeless, what you’re experiencing is NOT a sign of getting older its all about creating balance inside and out and I’ll guide you on how you can achieve it!

Don't let bone loss hold you back any longer. Sign up now or contact us to schedule a call to see if our program is right for you.

About Debi Robinson

At 51, I had a total hip replacement and I know what it feels like when you think you can’t rely on your bones anymore because they seem fragile and weak. You stop participating in the activities you used to love because you are worried about breaking a bone and you feel like you are living in a tiny box of movement.

I have insight and foresight of how important it is to have strong bones, muscles and flexibility to have the confidence and freedom of movement to live a very active lifestyle. I also know the biology of bone health and how hormone and mineral imbalances, chronic inflammation and poor gut health contributes to slow leaks in the density and quality of your bones and once you uncover where this is happening you can put an end to it! 

Bone loss is not an inevitable aspect of aging!

I would love to guide you in the way I have helped myself and hundreds of women just like you, transform your bone health to live your life to the fullest because I know that it is possible.

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