Episode 69: Dr Priya Bone Endocrinologist - Part Three: Extra Questions and Discussions

Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast: Take Control of Your Bone Health

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[1:12] Stress management
[2:02] Mindset change and how we perceive stress
[3:09] Strontium
[6:32] Protein
[9:00] Amino Acids
[9:18] What is a health expert
[19:26] Osteopenia

Breaking Down Myths about Osteoporosis and Stress with Dr. Krishnamurthy

Welcome to the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast. In Episode 69, host Debi Robinson welcomes back Dr. Priya Krishnamurthy, esteemed endocrinologist to answer more questions about bone health, osteoporosis and endocrinology.

With a background in internal medicine, preventative medicine, and public health, Dr. Krishnamurthy has been in practice since 2008 and combines clinical endocrinology, lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, and mind-body medicine to provide a holistic approach to bone health. Today she and Debi discuss the critical importance of stress management for overall bone health and the biomechanics behind it as well as the role of various mineral supplements.

The conversation shifts to the importance of protein intake, discussing the right amounts needed to prevent muscle loss and support bone health. Debi and Dr. Priya also explore what truly constitutes a bone health expert and how traditional as well as alternative medicine can play a role in managing conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Join Debi and Dr. Priya as they shed light on essential yet often overlooked aspects of bone health, and advocate for a multi-faceted approach to managing and preventing bone-related diseases.

'It is absolutely critical that we learn how to face stress, how to manage stress, but it’s also mindset change.' [1:56]

"Not every endocrinologist is a bone health expert because not every endocrinologist even treats osteoporosis." [10:16]

"No matter how much work, no matter how hard. All of this, I say, forget it, I'm not doing this anymore. And then I'm like, wait, what about all those women?" [18:05]

"Don’t try to look like Barbie, you’re gonna just have lousy bones." [20:51]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Priya Krishnamurthy emphasizes the importance of addressing bone health through lifestyle modifications, functional medicine, integrated approaches, and traditional medicine. Each of these areas has its unique role in maintaining bone health.

Stress management is critical because chronic stress can lead to increased cortisol levels, which in turn can trigger inflammation and negatively affect bone density. Addressing stress through techniques like breathwork, yoga, and mindset changes can improve overall bone health.

What is Dr. Priya KrishnamurDr. Priya Krishnamurthy advises against the use of strontium supplements. She highlights the potential cardiovascular risks and points out that strontium can replace calcium in the bones, which may artifactually increase bone mineral density without truly strengthening the bones.

Dr. Priya Krishnamurthy suggests that a protein intake of around 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight is effective in preventing muscle breakdown and loss. She emphasizes not going below 1 gram per kilogram per day to maintain muscle mass.

Dr. Priya Krishnamurthy suggests a combination of sodium hydroxybutyrate (3 grams) with 1000 IU of vitamin D. This combination has been shown to improve muscle mass in elderly individuals, comparable to the effects of exercise.

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