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Join me in January for the Bone Health (Osteoporosis) Lifestyle Course

This live interactive group course will be on Zoom for 3 consecutive weeks for you to learn how to take charge and create healthy strong bones, reduce your risk of fractures and improve your balance. These are the keys to feeling strong and not feeling weak and breakable!

Are you a woman with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia who dreams of becoming a person with bones you can rely on with good stability and balance to live a very healthy active life?

Do you want to reverse your osteoporosis and reduce your dependency on potentially dangerous medications with horrible side effects?

Would you be happy if you could stop losing your bone mass, improve mobility, flexibility and balance? Feel strong in your body and mind and let go of feeling breakable?

It is possible to live a full, active lifestyle with a strong body and bones and stop worrying about further bone loss! 

I know exactly how you feel because I have helped many people just like you transform their bone health and achieve success!

Bone Health (Osteoporosis) Lifestyle Zoom Course

Three Consecutive Weeks Beginning January 2022

Mondays 3-5 pm PDT

This course is designed for you to uncover why and where you are losing bone density and how to adopt a lifestyle that will improve your bone density, strength, balance and confidence from day 1!

We will meet weekly for a live and interactive Zoom session with movement and breath practices and group discussion with Q & A, to answer your questions on the spot.

This course includes:

  • Over 20 tutorial and practice videos to own and use every day. 
  • Guided breathing practices
  • Charts to measure your progress
  • Guidebooks
  • Workbooks
  • A nutrition guide with bone building recipes
  • Links to information specific to bone health

In deep gratitude to all of my teachers for all their wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. Thank you for teaching me so that I may teach others to manifest health, happiness, and balance in their lives.

Bone Health (Osteoporosis) Lifestyle​ Course

A course designed for you to stop bone loss immediately and start building up your strength, balance and bones. You will learn all you need to create a proven bone building lifestyle specific for you and your needs.

Quarterly group program

Join hundreds of woman who have taken this group course to take charge of their bone health!
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Donation-Based Weekly Classes on Youtube Live​

Live classes on Youtube Live and Zoom. Guided safe, strong and healing classes to take care of your body, bones and mind. All levels welcome and modifications if needed.

Donation-Based Weekly Classes on Youtube Live​

Join me each week to maintain and preserve the strength in your body and bones, improve your range of motion and flexibility and learn how to breath to help manage your stress.
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Transformative Your Bone Health

Do you want to get to the root causes of your bone loss and transform your bone health these customized programs are for you!

Bone Health Programs

Using functional labs to look into your minerals, hormones and digestion to find the internal contributing factors to your bone density loss so you can slow it down or reverse it and treat your osteoporosis.
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Customized Bone Health Lifestyle

A private customized program to create a lifestyle of daily movements, habits and stress management to support your Bone Health.

Customized Program For You

Chose a 3 or 5 session package and let's get to work on creating a lifestyle that will focus on stopping your bone loss and focusing on improving your strength, flexibility and balance.
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“Hi Debi, I just wanted to thank you so much for the osteoporosis course took. It was the best. The nutritional info from yesterday’s class was so informative. It just so happened that I had a Dr. appointment this morning and I discussed all the info I received regarding calcium supplements, etc.  Needless to say, as of today I am off calcium and this would not have happened if I hadn’t taken your classes. My Doctor totally agreed with all that I learned from you.  I will continue to practice yoga daily.  THANK YOU again. Wishing you health and happiness.” ~  Patty F.

Join me weekly for strong, safe guided classes on YouTube Live and Zoom. These are Yoga Therapy classes that are focused on healthy aging & bone health and are for all levels. Modifications will be offered.

Donation-Based Weekly Live Classes
on YouTube Live & Zoom

Private Sessions 1 to 1

Do you have an injury or an issue that you want to overcome and heal? Do you have osteoporosis, and you want to take charge of your bone health by learning how to live a life to support you bones and balance? 

If you need more attention and support, I would love to work with you privately to customize a practice for your specific needs. If you have osteoporosis or are experiencing an injury, limited range of motion, tightness, trouble managing stress, the wisdom in yoga therapy has many ways to heal these issues for you to get back to living an active full life!

Aging Gracefully with Yoga

Yoga, in its essence, is to reconnect our mind and body to a place of perfect harmony and peace in a space where the aging process becomes fluid, painless and may even be reversed.

The physical practice of yoga keeps our joints moist, body limber, maintains proper alignment to minimize wear and tear and keeps our muscles and bones strong.

Yoga also grounds our mental energy and teaches us to self-modulate our stress response; keeping our energy flowing, creating more resilience and improving our overall wellbeing so we can embrace the aging process with clarity and ease.

Debi Robinson
Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, YAECP®, POLY & Health Coach FDN-P

Yoga and Stress Management Online Course

Do you live in an aging body and mind (over 40 ish when the aging process begins!)? Are you experiencing “aches and pains” or are you having a harder time managing stress? Let me help guide you to find ways to improve your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. Please join me in my Teachable.com online course.

Movement, Breathing & Meditation Videos

About Debi Robinson

I am a Yoga Therapist and Health Coach. At 51, I had a total hip replacement and I have insight and foresight of what it is like to have a body that is weak, broken and gets in the way of you living the life you want to live. I want to guide you in the way I helped myself transform my health through daily movements, a nutrient dense diet and learning to manage your stress to stop breakdown in your body and calm your mind. 

This experience inspired me to study with Loren Fishman MD, to learn about bones and joints and how to be safe in my body as I was healing. I became certified to teach Yoga for Osteoporosis with him because his study proves that yoga improves bone density, he is brilliant, and he loves yoga. 

Since 2010, my focus has been on teaching the tools of yoga therapy to counter the functional loss we experience as we age and especially bone density loss in Osteoporosis.

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