Bone Health (Osteoporosis) Lifestyle Zoom Course - only offered 4 times per year.

Three Consecutive Weeks Beginning October 4th

Mondays 3-5 pm PDT

Osteoporosis is a lifestyle disease, and this Osteoporosis Lifestyle Program will teach you proven methods to reverse your osteoporosis naturally. You will learn the tools necessary on Day 1 to take charge of your bones, your body and your balance. Let go of feeling fragile and breakable and feel confident to live a full, active life!

In the last section, you will learn how your diet either takes away from or contributes to your bone health so you can start to make changes right away!

Join the hundreds of woman who have taken control of their bone health!

"Debi, I am very grateful that I found you and your Bone Health Lifestyle Course. This course is packed full of valuable information for everyday life! I came away from each session feeling encouraged and positive that it is possible to change both my mindset and the physical direction of my bone health. I am new to Yoga, but I enjoy it and am excited to practice the 12 poses taught by Dr. Fishman. Also, I appreciate learning more about meditation and breathing techniques. You are very professional and genuinely care about each person." ~ Cindy H.

3-Week Format

Summary of Each Session

What is osteoporosis and what factors contribute to bone loss? Assess where you are in your body right now with balance, strength, range of motion, and postural alignment so you know where to safely begin to start to reverse your bone loss. 

  • Osteoporosis causes and contributing factors
  • Self-assessments-balance, strength, posture and alignment 
  • Tools, tips and movements to improve bone density specific to your needs
  • Stress management- stop contributing to more bone loss

Begin a self-practice to build a strong foundation and take control of your bone health. Learn how to keep your joints safe and aligned to keep the minerals in your bones and minimize wear and tear (arthritis) in the joints. Learn a proven practice that has helped many reverse bone loss and minimize functional loses associated with aging.

  • A daily practice specific to your needs
  • How to apply force from many different angles to your bones so the bones get stronger in those areas in your body that are the most often fractured with osteoporosis
  • Postures to keep your framework strong- core & alignment
  • Movement to strengthen- muscles, posture & improve balance
  • Isometrically held positions to create bone growth & joint support.
  • Learn what is safe and unsafe movements for your joints and bones
  • Movements to do everyday to build stronger body & Bones

You are what you eat and what you eat affects your bone density and quality! You will learn nutritional information on what is supportive for bone remodeling and foods that you need to eliminate or reduce from your diet that contribute to bone loss. Understand the importance of your digestive system and its relationship to your bone health. Many secretes about how to use food as medicine for bone health are uncovered in this section.

  • Nutrition to support building more bone tissue
  • Uncover how you may be causing bone loss in the first place
  • What to add to your diet to provide the nutrients responsible for bone growth

There are many aspects to why are you losing bone tissue in the first place and when you get to the root causes you can shift your lifestyle and behaviors to stop it and then reverse it! You can reverse your bone density loss once you uncover why and where it is happening in the first place!

"Hi Debi, I just wanted to thank you so much for the osteoporosis course took. It was the best. The nutritional info was so informative. I had a Dr. appt. and I discussed all the info I received regarding calcium supplements, etc. Needless to say, as of today I am off calcium supplements, plus a few more. This would not have happened if I hadn’t taken your classes. My Doctor totally agreed with all that I learned from you. I will continue to practice yoga daily. THANK YOU again. Wishing you health and happiness." ~ Patty F.

About Debi Robinson

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist and Health Coach. I love to garden, cook and travel to Scotland, the home of my ancestors, and Bali and India where there is so much peace, beauty and love. I take people on wellness inspired journeys to Scotland and Bali to share what I love with others.

At 51, I had a total hip replacement and understand what it feels like to be handicapped, worried and sad and what it takes to build up strength and balance in our body, bones and mind. This experience inspired me to study with Loren Fishman MD, to learn about bones and joints and how to be safe in my body as I was healing and with those I work with. I became certified to teach Yoga for Osteoporosis with him because his study proves that yoga reverses osteoporosis, he is brilliant, and he loves yoga. 

Since 2010, my focus has been on teaching the tools of yoga therapy to counter the functional loss we experience as we age and especially bone density loss in Osteoporosis.

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