Bone Health (Osteoporosis) Lifestyle Zoom Course

Three Consecutive Weeks Beginning August 16th

Mondays 3-5 pm PDT

Learn about bone health, osteoporosis, the risks of fractures and what you can do to minimize your risk.  A diagnosis doesn’t mean you will have a fracture. There are lifestyles and behaviors that contribute to the breakdown of many aspects in our body and you will learn what they are and the many ways that you can choose how you want to live. Health is a choice and you have the power to choose healthy and strong.

Our lifestyle and habits play a major role in how we age and there are proven ways we can keep our bones strong and reduce the many contributing factors.​

3-Week Format

It is a use it or lose it proposition! A diagnosis of osteoporosis can be very unsettling and can make you feel fragile. It doesn’t have to be, and you don’t have to become a statistic.

Learn how to create daily routines and behaviors to stay strong and healthy! Implementing the tools of movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, mindset and nutrition to stay strong physically, mentally and emotionally in your body and mind.

About Debi Robinson

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist sharing the wisdom of yoga and evidence based research to help empower my students to utilize the tremendous healing potential that exists within each and everyone of us. Moderating the stress in our lives is how we can remain in balance and attain optimal health from a metabolic, physiological and biochemical aspect. Yoga has tools for the mind to help self modulate stress and for the body to keep you strong, limber and mobile and out of pain or discomfort.

As a Certified Health Coach, I work with you to uncover hidden stress inside your body and mind. Once we discover possible imbalances and stressors I will empower you to implement behavioral, dietary and lifestyle changes to move toward thriving health.

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Live Zoom Workshops

I’m excited to be offering workshops throughout the year.  Zoom workshops are similar to live workshops I’ve been offering for the past few years.  Check back regularly for updates on dates and times.