Dharma: The Path of Life

Dharma means “protection”. Buddha taught that suffering is from the attachment to things and stuff outside ourselves so when we reconnect and go inside we find true happiness. Dharma is a path you choose that aligns you with your true purpose in life. Sit and contemplate all the skills, talents and attributes you have and how they can be utilized to be your best you.

15717290 - showing a path splitting into two going into the woods with a blank signpost

15717290 – showing a path splitting into two going into the woods with a blank signpost

My dharma is to be a yoga teacher. I am on my path to be what I was put here to do. I see how all the lessons, classes, family, people, vacations, hurdles, injuries, challenges, committees, organizations, groups, friends and experiences I have had up until now has prepared, taught and guided me to where I am at this moment. I study and gain tools to help me navigate the stresses and pressures of life then I share them in my teachings.

Take some time out to reconnect with breath. Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath. Begin to follow the breath in your body. Notice the movement of your torso as you breathe. Take a long slow deep inhale and then you can lengthen your exhale to be even slower than it took to come into your body.

When thoughts pop into your head just notice that you had a thought them put your awareness back on your breath. Sit for a few moments like this everyday and even a few times a day. This will help to reconnect you back to your soul.

Once we turn down the volume of our thoughts and take brakes from following them we can be more connected and in tune to our life force. The more in tuned you are the more aware you become of the signs the universe sends to you leading you onto your life’s path.


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