Yoga for everybody: What is yoga?

When I say yoga I don’t mean poses. Yoga is breath work, mindfulness, meditation and reconnection to your true essence. The poses we do help facilitate that and release blockages so we can achieve an energetic flow but it’s practicing quieting the brain that is the true gem of yoga. … Read More

Food Ministry

I volunteer once a month to cook for about 80 members at a church near my house. I am not a member of this church but I have taught yoga classes and cooking classes there and was intrigued by their Food Ministry Program. There was a wonderful woman who was … Read More

Making Time for a Vacation :)

Bali is a big trip and one I highly recommend you add to your bucket list however it is not available to us all so find your special place for a vacation.  It could even be a day at the beach.  It’s about disconnecting from your everyday routine and choosing … Read More