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57441104 - symptoms of menopause


Wow! Menopause can be quite a ride! This has been one of the most challenging adventures I’ve had to take with my health in my life. When I began to enter perimenopause it was very uncomfortable for me. First step I gained 11 pounds. I didn’t need or want that weight but here it came like an inner tube around my belly.

57441104 - symptoms of menopause
57441104 – symptoms of menopause

I have always been attracted to a more Eastern approach to health and only use Western medication if needed. I had heard of bio identical hormones and went on a quest to feel better and lose weight and research what they were and how they worked. A part of me was worried to add hormones to my body and I was also wondering why should I go against this natural process of losing my hormones and I leave the child baring years.

In my search I found Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and signed up to study to become a health coach. The program uses intake forms, consultations and functional lab work to help uncover hidden stressors in the body then prescribes natural protocols, dietary and life style changes to get back toward optimal heath.

Here is what I have done to help with the transition into menopause and the uncomfortable stages…

For me taking gluten, caffeine, alcohol and sugar out of my diet made a huge difference. I noticed when I eat clean I experience less heat and hot flashes. Also, stress is a big player so I learned to shift my nervous system with breath and I practiced often so I could noticed when the fight flight path was triggered then I would close my eyes an reconnect. I used breath and yoga poses to help stimulate the relaxation response. Raising awareness helps to shift our mindset and make us less reactionary so internally we will stay in balance, which can help our hormones work the best that they can.