Square Breathing

This video is instructions for a breath we call Square Breathing (sometimes it is called Four-Square Breathing), a technique that is helpful for relaxation and/or relief of anxiety or panic.


Breathe in for 4 seconds,

Hold or retain for 4 seconds.

Breathe out for 4 seconds,

Hold or retain for 4 seconds.

Since our mind can be so crazy, the Buddha referred to the mind as the monkey mind, we give it something to focus on as we do here with counting.  This can redirect or stop the monkey mind and the thoughts that can lead to anxiety, panic or depression.  Try this breath and as you practice and feel the calm feelings wash over you keep your mind on the task at hand.


Debi Robinson

Debi Robinson is a registered yoga teacher who specializes in teaching yoga that helps strengthen us, physically, mentally, emotionally, hormonally and spiritually as we age. She teaches a manageable yoga class designed for people of all levels, shapes, and ages, making yoga accessible for every body and everybody.