Episode 42: Using Food to Improve Your Bone Health with Dr. Monisha Bhanote

Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast: Take Control of Your Bone Health


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[4:42] Food is an everyday thing
[5:38] Most peoples diets
[7:28] Acidic foods
[14:15] What is on your plate
[14:52] Got milk?
[17:46] Where do we get our calcium
[21:26] What your BFFS (microbiomes) need
[23:13] Who determines the guidelines
[24:48] Vitamin D
[26:40] Don’t compare
[28:25] Plant sources of protein
[29:11] The relationship between the gut micro biome and bone health
[33:37] Dairy
[46:20] The one piece she can give you

Dr Monisha Bhanote on the Relationship Between the Gut Microbiome and Bone Health

In Episode 42 of the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast, host Debi Robinson speaks with Dr. Monisha Bhanote about the importance of acidity as a root cause of bone loss, looking beyond our food categories and how you can use food to make a healthy body.

Dr. Bhanote is a quintuple board-certified physician, best-selling author, and founder of Wellkulå. With expertise in Integrative Medicine, Functional Culinary Medicine, Cytopathology, and Anatomic/Clinical Pathology, she combines ancient wisdom with mind-body science to support evidence-based holistic wellbeing. Listen today as she shares what your microbiomes need, plant based protein, calcium sources and the relationship between the gut microbiome and bone health.

Join Debi and Dr. Bhanote as they discuss why it’s important to stop comparing yourself to others  and figure out what you need to do for your body and why it’s not just about what you eat.

"Bone health is not just calcium." [18:00] - Dr. Bhanote

"Instead of spending your time comparing what other people are doing, look at what are all the different things in your 24 hours or your day your 7 days a week that you can do to apply different things to improve your health. " [28:41]

"Grass can grow a cow or a horse, it surely can grow a human. [32:46]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yoga can stimulate bone growth in your 20’s and can reverse bone loss in your 60’s. Yoga creates stronger bones because it has 10-20 times greater pressure than gravity.
In addition to bone growth, Yoga improves balance, anxiety, and posture.
The osteocytes in your legs govern your appetite, which is why Yoga promotes weight loss.
Rotation is completely safe for women suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Safe spinal rotation involves having proper length and extension in the thoracic curve.
Yoga done for 20-30 minutes every day can protect your cognitive function.

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