Stronger Bones Lifestyle Membership
Community Leader Questionnaire

We will be launching a membership group related to the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast and Debi’s work with private and group clients. We are looking to create a community of like-minded women who share a passion and desire to take control of their body and bones as they age.  This community will be a safe haven to meet like-minded women, to share experiences and advice, and to get advice and your questions answered by Debi and other health experts.

This will be a paid membership, likely in the $30-50/month range.  We will need Community Leaders to help us create the initial discussion threads, and once we launch to help make new members feel welcome, and to initiate and guide member discussion.  Community Leaders will NOT be charged and will enjoy life-time free membership assuming they continue to participate and help facilitate the discussions.

If you are interested in being a Community Leader, please fill out the form below.

As a Community Leader, we are looking for you to regularly participate in the group discussions. Please check the items below that you would be open to helping with.