Episode 8: Hair Testing for Mineral Balancing with Lisa Pitel-Killah

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[2:50] What you can learn from Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

[6:00] The patterns found in the hair are not random

[9:00] What happens to calcium in the body without adequate cofactors

[11:00] The benefits of customized supplementation

[16:30] Calculating the proper ratio, because more is not always better

[18:30] How autonomic nervous system imbalances affect your metabolic rate

[24:00] Building awareness of using food as medicine

[31:00] Targeted nutrition with Vykon Health

[37:00] Replenishing nutrients to promote your body’s natural detox

Lisa Pitel-Killah on HTMA Testing to Identify Mineral Deficiencies

Did you know that your hair is the first indicator of your overall health? Today on Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast, Lisa Pitel-Killah joins us to share how she uses HTMA testing to identify mineral deficiencies to design customized supplement plans. Lisa is a board-certified holistic health practitioner offering online health coaching based on her innovative Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Using her non-invasive HTMA testing through her company, Vykon Health, Lisa is helping patients regain their energy, tackle debilitating symptoms and enhance longevity.

Traditionally, doctors have relied on blood tests to assess the health of their patients, but hair analysis allows practitioners to get ahead of the symptoms, and promote wellness faster. Your hair is a record of your mineral baseline, well before they are present in the blood, making it the perfect tool for preventative care.

Each person has a unique biochemical makeup, which is why Lisa’s work with Vykon Health is valuable to patients facing debilitating symptoms. Her approach to individualized care is helping patients restore minerals on a cellular level. Not every supplement is helpful for every person. HTMA offers information that no other test can facilitate and is revolutionizing how practitioners understand the bio-individual.

Join us as we explore the practical application of HTMA testing, and how Vykon Health will change how practitioners prescribe supplements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Hair Mineral Test can share a lot of important information. We can learn about excellent overall health, which can help us build a better foundation. This test will help you find root causes to help optimize your biochemistry.

Hair is exposed to many fluids, and the patterns found in hair are not random. The identified patterns give a synopsis of three months of health. Blood always wants to remain in homeostasis; when minerals such as calcium are circulating, the body will try to bury these in soft tissues such as the hair.

Customized supplementation is important so that you are saving money on excess supplements and the correct supplementation is taken. Supplementation is a great way to ensure you get the proper nutrients to respond to your body’s markers.

Every individual responds differently to a customized supplementation plan, so retesting after an identified period is important. This will ensure the proper plan is given and that each person’s body responds best.

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