Episode 59: Reclaiming Health with Functional Medicine with Dr. Inna Lozinskaya

Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast: Take Control of Your Bone Health

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[3:14] The missing link when it comes to bone health- hormonal health
[4:05] The greatest decrease in bone density
[4:35]What do we do about it
[5:11] Estrogen progesterone testosterone
[6:24] Adrenal glands and stress management
[8:36] As you hormones decrease during menopause
[11:47] Areas to focus on
[15:44] Internal balance
[16:22] Your brain and survival mode
[17:39] Being wired to be safe
[19:00] Inna’s journey with diet and health
[29:00] The messaging
[29:23] Reversing bone loss and osteo
[30:39] The word severe
[32:59] Where does your chronic illness come from?
[36:06] Root cause analysis steps
[39:38] The big misunderstanding in nutrition
[40:54] Inflammatory foods
[42:49] Gluten
[46:54] Sugar
[51:25] BHRT

Reclaiming Health with Functional Medicine: Dr. Inna's Journey to Overcoming Osteoporosis

In Episode 59 of the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast, host Debi Robinson welcomes physician  Dr. Inna Lozinskaya, to explore the limitations of conventional medical approaches when it comes to thriving, rather than just surviving

Dr. Inna is a functional medicine expert who helps her patients restore energy, sleep, weight, optimize hormones, turn back biological clock, and feel like best selves again. Today she  shares her own journey of health challenges that traditional medicine couldn’t resolve. With fatigue and memory issues clouding her day-to-day life, Dr. Inna turned to functional medicine to reclaim her health and vitality.

Listen today as we dive into why your gut health, nutrition, lifestyle choices, and mental well-being are all pivotal elements that play a role in the development and treatment of osteoporosis. Hormonal balance is critical, especially during menopause, and Dr. Inna will discuss the potential role of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, but also why it’s not a silver bullet unless the body’s foundation is solid.

"Everything in the body is connected" [7:20]

"If you want to survive than traditional medicine is perfect, it won’t let you die but if you want to thrive, it has to be a different approach." [26:04]

"You really have to love yourself enough to trust yourself more than you trust the system." [27:19]

"I like that root, and not even just one root cause, because when it comes to bones or really any aspect in the body, it's multifaceted. So then it becomes root causes." [35:35]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Inna emphasizes that traditional medicine is often not sufficient for achieving optimal well-being. It may lack a comprehensive approach that considers the importance of nutrition, lifestyle, gut health, and mental wellness, which are critical for overall health.

BHRT can potentially reverse tissue damage if started within six to ten years of menopause, according to Dr. Inna. However, if started later, it may only stop or slightly improve the damage. For patients with osteoporosis who are 12 years past menopause, BHRT may still offer benefits, though its effectiveness can vary.

Dr. Inna advocates for a lifestyle-based approach, which includes managing stress physiology, adrenal function, and addressing hormone imbalances through nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle modifications. Bio identical hormones or hormone replacement therapy can also be important for addressing hormonal deficiencies.

Yes, Dr. Inna states that bone loss is reversible and that they have seen people reverse severe osteoporosis within a year or two by addressing the root causes and implementing appropriate lifestyle and medical interventions.

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