Episode 51: Hair Loss and Bone Loss with Julie Olson

Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast: Take Control of Your Bone Health

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 [1:51] Hair loss
[2:24] Four functional categories of hair loss
[2:53] Prominence
[4:38] Where do you start
[4:47] Why hair loss or thinning can be a gift
[5:41] Blaming it on genetics
[6:36] Is hair loss reversible
[7:23] Now what
[8:09] The gut
[8:59] Her abstract study
[9:49] Fecal transplant
[11:52] Her journey with hair loss
[15:21] The digestive component of hair loss
[19:30] What are the top foods that can cause inflammatory markers leading to loss
[20:41] Her main demographic
[21:17] Trends in diets that may lead to hair loss
[21:59] Stevia
[22:28] Regulating blood sugar
[25:55] Where do you start
[26:55] The first big shifts
[27:35] Cooking
[31:19] Her roadmap to healthy hair
[33:24] Don’t wait

Julie Olson on the Loss of Hair and Bones along with the Digestive Component of Hair Loss

Welcome to Episode 51 of the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast. Today, host Debi Robinson welcomes Julie Olson, a triple-certified nutritionist and functional medicine expert, to discuss hair loss, its relation to bone loss, and why she is on a mission to help women worldwide restore their health, hope, and hair naturally to look and feel their absolute best.

Julie is the creator of the HealthyHairFix™ program, which personalizes hair growth strategies by linking health, lab results, and lifestyle to avoid long-term medications, procedures, and products.  Listen as she and Debi talk about the internal imbalance that can lead to dysfunction, priorities in the body that can lead to loss of hair and bones, and the digestive component of hair loss.

Julie shares the four functional categories of hair loss, the importance of regulating blood sugar, and where you can start when you begin to experience hair loss.

"Women are just getting dismissed as I was because they can hide it with extensions and hair styles and doctors don’t know what to do so they just dismiss them." [11:07] - Julie "Without a healthy gut its very hard to have a healthy anything whether it's hair, bones…"[14:16]

"Unbalanced blood sugar wrecks havoc on your hair an your bones. Its so inflammatory.” [22:30]

"Top of the priority list is nourishing yourself on a daily basis.” [28:41]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yoga can stimulate bone growth in your 20’s and can reverse bone loss in your 60’s. Yoga creates stronger bones because it has 10-20 times greater pressure than gravity.
In addition to bone growth, Yoga improves balance, anxiety, and posture.
The osteocytes in your legs govern your appetite, which is why Yoga promotes weight loss.
Rotation is completely safe for women suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Safe spinal rotation involves having proper length and extension in the thoracic curve.
Yoga done for 20-30 minutes every day can protect your cognitive function.

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