Episode 45: Happy Bones Happy Life with Margie Bissinger

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[1:50] How Margie got into happiness
[3:46] Happiness is a choice
[4:27] What does happiness mean
[5:26] What the research shows about people who are happy
[5:49] Happiness and bones
[6:40] Stress and bone loss
[7:44] Stress is an equally important piece of the puzzle
[9:21] How can we increase our happiness?
[11:43] Happiness habits
[12:43] Three ways to know if you’re being a victim
[14:57] What can we do
[17:17] Forgiveness
[20:26] Negative thoughts
[22:23] Serotonin
[24:18] Vitamin G- gratitude
[25:48] Challenges
[27:00] Her program Happy Me, Happy Life
[28:12] Losing the happy zone
[29:25] Her summit – Natural Approaches for Osteoporosis

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Margie Bissinger on How Happiness Can and Does Affect Bone Health

Have you ever wondered what happiness does to your bones?

You might be shocked to discover that how satisfied you are in life has a LOT to do with your bone density.

In fact…

“Changes in life satisfaction affect bone density. In persons whose life satisfaction deteriorated, bone density decreased by 85% in comparison to people whose life satisfaction improved…”

…according to a landmark Finnish study researching the happiness bone connection.

In Episode 45 of the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast I sit down with Margie Bissinger to discuss happiness as it relates to your bones.

Margie has spent over 35 years working with patients suffering from chronic neck pain, back pain, TMJ, osteoporosis, and deep unhappiness.

She is on a mission to share “happiness habits”. 

The results are nothing short of miraculous. 

She’s witnessed first hand how chronic pain can disappear, muscles grow stronger, and women can be at a level of well-being that conventional therapy cannot provide. 

Today, her work extends beyond pain management.

She empowers people from all walks of life to incorporate happiness into their daily routines, even those dealing with conditions like osteoporosis.

So, what is this elusive happiness that Margie teaches? 

It’s not just a constant grin or “being a happy camper”. 

It’s a profound sense of peace and well-being that transcends external circumstances. 

It’s about living life in full color, thriving instead of merely surviving.

And the science backs this up. 

Margie isn’t just sharing anecdotes; her approach is rooted in research. 

Studies show that happier people live longer, have lower cortisol levels (elevated cortisol levels are one of the root causes of bone loss!), fewer sleep disorders, and are less likely to fall ill. 

But here’s the kicker: only 10% of our happiness is based on circumstances. 

Margie’s teachings focus on the 40% within our control—happiness habits that can elevate your happiness set point.

Here’s what’s in store for this week’s episode:

  • How to shift your mindset from blame, shame, and complaints to empowerment and solutions

  • Why sending good thoughts and well wishes to others reduces anxiety

  • What to do to let go of grudges and anger to free yourself from negativity

  • How starting and ending your day with thoughts of what you’re thankful for rewires your brain for positivity and builds your bones

  • Why becoming a detective for the good, positive aspects of life is the secret weapon for stronger bones

  • How to plug into your inner spirit to find deeper meaning, contentment and your purpose in life

Now, Margie’s teachings don’t exist in a vacuum. 

They’re part of a comprehensive program called “Happy Me, Happy Life.” 

In this program, you’ll delve into each of these happiness habits, transforming your life one step at a time. 

The program includes eight modules, each designed to empower you with practical tools for lasting happiness.

But here’s the beautiful part: as you boost your happiness, you’ll not only enhance your own life but also positively influence those around you. 

Happiness is contagious, and by becoming a beacon of light, you can spark joy in others.

To learn more about Margie’s program and join her in the pursuit of happiness, click here.

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"We have to bring our mind to the table when we start to talk about bone health.” [9:09]

"It doesn’t matter where you start, they’ve shown that you are able to increase your happiness." [10:50]

"Nothing will change unless you bring in change. All of those blame shame and complain, are you speaking without bringing in any action.” [14:25]

"When you're happier everybody around you is happier and this planet certainly needs more happiness.” [29:03]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yoga can stimulate bone growth in your 20’s and can reverse bone loss in your 60’s. Yoga creates stronger bones because it has 10-20 times greater pressure than gravity.
In addition to bone growth, Yoga improves balance, anxiety, and posture.
The osteocytes in your legs govern your appetite, which is why Yoga promotes weight loss.
Rotation is completely safe for women suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Safe spinal rotation involves having proper length and extension in the thoracic curve.
Yoga done for 20-30 minutes every day can protect your cognitive function.

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