Episode 41: Carol Lamden MD - Yoga Therapy Lifestyle Medicine

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[2:11] Carol’s story
[4:04] Carol’s yoga training
[5:12] History of yoga in the west
[7:28] Yoga therapy
[9:34] Ultimate goal of yoga
[11:51] Illness based vs wellness based
[14:20] Bluezones on Netflix
[15:03] Living longer isn’t the point
[18:18] Yoga and loneliness and yoga therapy training
[23:27] The injury that started Debi journey to her stronger bones lifestyle
[25:36] Carols injury that helped her evaluate her body better
[27:29] Ego and injuries
[29:05] The “can” zone
[29:41] Adding “yet”
[32:22] Working with conventional medicine and expanding from that

Carol Lamden MD on the Role of Yoga Therapy in Medicine

Welcome back to the Her Story: Osteoporosis series of the Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast. In episode 41 we dive into the world of bone health with women with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia sharing experiences, insights, and strategies for leading a stronger life and taking control of their bone health.

Today Debi talks to Carol Lamden MD, a retired pediatrician, Yoga Therapist and lover of ballet about how she got involved with yoga in medicine, why “just do yoga” isn’t going to solve your issues and the ultimate goal of yoga.

Carol realized that she needed to offer more healing modalities to her patients over the years. She became intrigued with learning more about mind-body connection and yoga, and in particular yoga therapy as a great option for her patients as it offers a customized approach and tailors a yoga practice to the individuals specific needs.

Join Debi and Carol as they share their experiences in Yoga therapy training and discuss why Carol is still learning, working with conventional medicine and staying in the “can” zone.

"It's not about adding years to your life, it's about adding life to your years." [16:51]

"Everybody says that your best learning experiences are your own injuries for anything physical and it's very true." [27:09]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yoga can stimulate bone growth in your 20’s and can reverse bone loss in your 60’s. Yoga creates stronger bones because it has 10-20 times greater pressure than gravity.
In addition to bone growth, Yoga improves balance, anxiety, and posture.
The osteocytes in your legs govern your appetite, which is why Yoga promotes weight loss.
Rotation is completely safe for women suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Safe spinal rotation involves having proper length and extension in the thoracic curve.
Yoga done for 20-30 minutes every day can protect your cognitive function.

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