Episode 36: Protecting Your Fortress: Gut and Minerals with Kim Heintz

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[1:50 Her health journey
[8:05] Gut health and internal balance
[9:11] GI map lab
[11:34] Gut markers that can show inflammation
[13:31] Feed the soldiers
[14:33] What are symptoms to look for
[15:22] other ways to id impaired digestion
[17:29] Looking in the toilet
[18:26] Stool test and GI map markers
[20:41] Internal Balance
[22:49] The Mineral Lab (hair tissue mineral analysis)
[25:56] Four Lows
[27: 53] The minerals are the basics, the workings of the internal body
[30:58] Multi vitamins
[36:25] Working with someone vs send away tests
[38:26] Toxic metals

Kim Heintz on GI Mapping and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

On this week’s Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast Debi talks to fellow FDN practitioner Kim Heintz about her history with chronic migraines and anxiety and how that health journey led to her to a career as an FDN.

As an FDN who primarily helps her clients reverse debilitating gut issues, Kim’s own life-changing experience is what led her to her career so that she could help others experience the same freedom she has.

Join Kim and Debi as they dive deep in GI Mapping and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis tests and what they can tell you about your overall health.  Plus the issues with multi vitamins and general cleanses and why you need to “test, not guess.”

"If you're not absorbing your nutrients, you don’t have the energy coming from the food that you’re consuming." [15:33]

"You’ve got to look deeper. In our schooling they say test don’t guess." [19:12]

"Minerals are the spark plugs of the body." [29:33]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yoga can stimulate bone growth in your 20’s and can reverse bone loss in your 60’s. Yoga creates stronger bones because it has 10-20 times greater pressure than gravity.
In addition to bone growth, Yoga improves balance, anxiety, and posture.
The osteocytes in your legs govern your appetite, which is why Yoga promotes weight loss.
Rotation is completely safe for women suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Safe spinal rotation involves having proper length and extension in the thoracic curve.
Yoga done for 20-30 minutes every day can protect your cognitive function.

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