I want to acknowledge and congratulate you on taking a HUGE step towards achieving your ideal bone and gut health.

The Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program is designed to give you the tools you need to take your health to the next level so you can…

  • Uncover causal factors of bone loss
  • Uncover mineral imbalance and toxins
  • Rebalance your microbiome to absorb nutrients that build strong bones
  • Resolve those nagging digestive issues once and for all
  • Become muscle and joint pain free
  • Enjoy the most restful sleep you’ve ever had
  • Balance mood, increase productivity and focus
  • Experience clarity on what your body needs for you to feel your best
  • Finally find the missing piece to your optimal health puzzle
  • Get back to feeling like your energetic self

The group portion of the program officially STARTS September 6th and live calls END December 13th  (Retesting early 2023)

Here is a breakdown of the program timeline:

  • August 30th– September 6th
    • Month 1– Prep week!
    • Stool test kit, Hair Mineral HTMA test kit and questionnaires are sent
  • September 6th– September 20th
    • 1st LIVE Tuesday September 20th 4 pm PST.
    • Get results back and complete 1:1 results review session
    • Work on diet and rest
    • Start foundational gut healing habits and supplements
  • September 21st– October 18th
    • 2nd LIVE Tuesday October 4th 4 pm PST.
    •  3rd LIVE Tuesday October 18th 4 pm PST.
    • Month 2– start supplement protocol for parasite/bacteria/yeast
    • More in-depth on diet, rest, exercise, and stress reduction
  • October 19th – November 16th
    • Bonus Call LIVE Saturday November 5th 11 am PST.
    • 4th LIVE Tuesday November 15th 4 pm PST.
    • Continue gut cleaning and repair
    • Work on strengthening bones and balance
    • More in-depth on diet, rest, exercise, and stress reduction
  • November 16th– December 13th
    • Month 3 – Learn more about a Healthy Bones Lifestyle
    • 5th LIVE Tuesday November 29th 4 pm PST.
    • Complete 1:1 reassessment Sessions
    • Holiday menu suggestions
  • December 13th and beyond
    • 6th LIVE Tuesday December 13th 4 pm PST.
    • Group portion of the program completes on December 13th
    • Complete 2nd Hair Mineral HTMA test for retest 4-5 months after initial
    • More resources to keep you on track

I know you are eager to get started, so here are a few action items to help you prep for the program.

STEP 1 – Add to your list of safe senders so you don’t miss any important emails and updates about the challenge

STEP 2 – Be on the lookout to start receiving instruction emails to complete your initial evaluation and stool sample and hair mineral tests

STEP 3 – Mark your calendar to attend the 60-minute bi-weekly webinars on Tuesday at 4pm PT/7pm ET from September 20th – December 13th 

STEP 4– Download another bonus for you Healthy Bones Lifestyle Check List

I’m here to support and guide you on this journey, so please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you might have.

About Debi Robinson

At 51, I had a total hip replacement and I know what it feels like when you think you can’t rely on your bones anymore because they seem fragile and weak. You stop participating in the activities you used to love because you are worried about breaking a bone and you feel like you are living in a tiny box of movement. 

I have insight and foresight of how important it is to have strong bones, muscles and flexibility to have the confidence and freedom of movement to live a very active lifestyle. I also know the biology of bone health and how hormone and mineral imbalances, chronic inflammation and poor gut health contributes to slow leaks in the density and quality of your bones and once you uncover where this is happening you can put an end to it! Bone loss is not an inevitable aspect of aging.

I would love to guide you in the way I have helped myself and hundreds of women just like you, transform your bone health to live your life to the fullest because I know that it is possible.

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