A Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

As we savor the delectable dishes on our Thanksgiving table, remember that your diet plays a significant role in your bone health.

And this is a test of your willpower!

Now, you can shift your perspective from depriving yourself during holidays, to making healthier choices for you that you can feel really good about.

As a guest at Thanksgiving dinner, opt to fill your plate with veggies and Turkey first and foremost.

(Remember — every bite has the potential to either build or dissolve your bones.)

If you are unsure about ingredients — many dishes contain dairy and gluten (which are both bad for your bones), bring a dish you can definitely indulge in.

And share it with your loved ones!

Thanksgiving Dinner

If you are hosting this year — check out some new recipes that fit the changes in your lifestyle.

I’ve compiled my favorites for you to make this super easy and simple.

These dishes are not only delicious — they blend perfectly with what we all expect a Thanksgiving dinner to look like.

Best of all, they’re sure to fortify your bones with the vitamins and minerals your body craves.

Inside, you’ll find contemporary classics like:

  • Delectable Mashed Turnips and Potatoes
  • Gluten-Free Mushroom Gravy
  • Whole Roasted Cauliflower (Turkey Style)

What are you waiting for? Make this Thanksgiving a little different and fill your plate with new favorites.

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Starting your health goals now gives you a head start on a stronger, more vibrant you!

Don’t let the holiday season be an excuse for unhealthy choices.

Embrace it as an opportunity to fortify your body and your bones.

Start your journey towards a stronger you right now, and you’ll step into the new year with confidence and vitality.

Here’s to a Thanksgiving filled with joy, gratitude, and a commitment to your well-being!

Warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!