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Cultural Immersion to Magical Bali

Debi Robinson and Five Pillar Experiences Present a Yoga Inspired Cultural Immersion Journey to Bali  – A Life Transformative Journey

September 3rd-12th, 2020

I would like to invite you to join me on a very special journey to Bali, one of my favorite places in the world! Every time I go I fall in love all over again with the beauty, aromas, tranquility and most importantly, the people. I have been fortunate to explore much of the country and experience many of the traditions, rituals, and customs and I am always able to find a deep inner peace on each visit. The Balinese “live” their spiritual practice on a daily basis and you will learn how to develop your own daily practice as they share their customs with our group and we integrate them into our own practice each day.

In Bali it is so easy to find peace and connection as you practice yoga, meditation and partake in some of the most decadent body treatments I have ever experienced. I will teach a private yoga practice every morning that focuses on aging gracefully by keeping your body strong, limber, mobile and fluid as you age. In the evenings we will have either a private group discussion, a restorative yoga session or guided meditation as we learn to integrate the practices we learned from the Balinese during our daily excursions. There are free afternoons and evenings to get body treatments, shop or explore on your own.

Bali is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy. Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods” and I call it heaven on earth. We begin our journey with 5 nights in Ubud which is the “artistic capital” and the perfect place to visit local villages, see the local art and cultural dance performances, take a batik or silver-smithing workshop and get a traditional Balinese massage. Our accommodations are in a beautiful location with our private yoga space to practice yoga, meditation and integration daily.

We head to the coast in the North of Bali to Pemuteran for our next 3 evenings. Our Journey to the North is beautiful as we wind our way through the rugged central mountains of Bali. This will be a more calm part of the island with the ocean on one side and majestic mountains as the backdrop.

A major aspect of our journey is cultural immersion as we visit villages and a Woman’s Center where we will be educated on Balinese customs and traditions. My partners on this journey will be Five Pillar Experiences. I was introduced to them through a friend who has co-hosted several retreats to Bali and was so pleased with the experience. In December, I met with one of the directors to discuss and plan this trip and I am confident that we have created a life-changing journey for you! Their mission is to develop sustainable eco- and community-inspired adventures that create economic opportunity for local communities while also raising international awareness around local Balinese values.

We will be supporting the people of Bali in everything we do on our journey with a donation from our group (included in your fee) and we’ll have the opportunity to help when we visit the villages if you would like to purchase items or bring a little something from home. This aspect of our trip is what excites me the most because Bali is truly a magical place and I want it to remain that way for the people of Bali and for the world. When you travel you raise your awareness about the locals’ traditions and practices and learn to respect their observances. You may also learn something from them to incorporate into your own lives to find peace and equanimity. I look forward to guide you on this adventure!

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