Breath work to breath deeply and reduce tightness in your chest – related to Covid-19 stress.

Many of us are feeling extremely stressed with fear and uncertainty of our future due to the Covid-19 virus. This emotional stress may show up in our body as tightness in our chests and fear of not being able to breath. All the discussion of the lack of respirators and the fact that this virus attacks lung tissue is also having an effect on our ability to take in deep breaths. Deep breathing is one major way we self regulate the stress response and is necessary to stimulate the relaxation zone of our nervous system.

This powerful visualization will give you back the control to fill your body with deep breaths to calm the nerves, relieve muscular tension, especially in the chest area and calm your mind. There are real and perceived threats to ourselves and our loved ones and we don’t know what is real and what is a perception of what “may” happen. The future is not here and nobody has the answers to tomorrow. Stay in the present moment and let the breath be an anchor to ground your energy in the present moment.