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Debi Robinson Wellness Offers Yoga Classes on Youtube Live during COVID-19 Pandemic and Social Distancing

Los Angeles, April 2020 / PRWeb / Debi Robinson, a leading Certified Yoga Therapist and Health Coach in the Southbay of Los Angeles has moved all of her classes online to Youtube Live.  Debi is a popular teacher at Torrance Memorial Medical Center and specializes in teaching to the 50+ population with aging and/or injured bodies, with particular emphasis on stress reduction, bone strengthening and improving overall flexibility and balance. She shares methods and techniques to age gracefully with yoga.

Her free classes include Safe Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Wellness, Yoga Therapy for Improved Balance and Posture, Yoga for Balance and Yoga for Stress Reduction. These classes are open to all levels and are particularly beneficial to those who are curious about yoga and want to ease into it.  Debi is also a trained chef and teaches courses in healthy eating and shares her knowledge of how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods that strengthen the immune system and boost overall health and wellbeing.

“With my daily classes canceled as a result of social distancing and all of us staying at home there is such a need for social interaction, physical movement and tools to manage our stress and fear and to help strengthen our immune system.  I’ve been offering 6 online classes a week for the past 3 weeks and have seen a tremendous benefit to my existing students and the many students from around the world who have joined us.”

Debi’s free online classes can be found on her channel, Debi Robinson Wellness, on Youtube.  You’ll also find dozens of recorded videos on yoga, breathing exercises and on healthy cooking and living.  Her website at includes many useful articles and links to all of her free online classes.  Students can sign up for her newsletter and/or youtube channel to receive daily and weekly notifications and reminders. The full online schedule for all of her weekly and free online classes can be found here:

“Since we are all in isolation, what I’ve heard from students is that they still need yoga in their lives. Being able to offer online classes has created an opportunity for us to practice yoga and also continue to connect in the community. It gives us a little normalcy in these challenging times.”

Debi is a frequent speaker and is available for interviews about how to safely practice yoga at home; use the tools of yoga and meditation to manage stress, anxiety, and fear, breath work to strengthen respiratory health and function; and create nutrient-dense meals that support immune function, detoxification and optimize health and energy production in the body. As a certified Health Coach in the Functional Medicine space she notices that yoga is being suggested by many of the physicians she follows as a methodology to boost immune function and self regulate and manage the stress response through a holistic mind/body approach. She has created a video series to help with the daily stress and uncertainty we are all experiencing during the pandemic. Here is a sample of the techniques she shares:


Debi Robinson, founder of Debi Robinson Wellness, is a Certified Yoga Therapist sharing the wisdom of yoga and evidence-based research to help empower her students to utilize the tremendous healing potential that exists within each and every one of us. Moderating the stress in our lives is how we can remain in balance and attain optimal health from a metabolic, physiological and biochemical aspect. Yoga has tools for the mind to find peace and equanimity and self modulate stress and for the body to keep you strong, limber and mobile and out of pain or discomfort.

Debi is certified by Dr. Loren Fishman to teach his method 12 Poses vs Osteoporosis and has taught this work since 2014.  As a Certified Health Coach, Debi works with her students to uncover hidden stress inside their bodies and minds. Once we discover possible imbalances and stressors she helps to empower and implement behavioral, dietary and lifestyle changes to move toward thriving health.