WORK WITH ME TO... Reduce stress, pain, and inflammation; increase flexibility, strength, happiness, and confidence; improve balance, bone density, sleep, and your overall health; liberate yourself from pain and suffering; create space in your body, mind, and soul; reconnect to the joy of life; and open your heart.

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About Debi Robinson

My journey on the path of yoga began about 15 years ago in my early 30’s. I was young and fit so I began with a vinyasa flow yoga practice. As I began to get older I had a harder time in the stronger yoga practices I was taking.

In addition to aging my favorite yoga teacher at the time assisted me in a pose and he pushed too far and I felt a pop in my left side. From that moment on I noticed a pain and instability in my hip that caused me to stop many of the activities I was doing. Everything changed for me. I stopped practicing vinyasa yoga, stopped playing tennis, stopped running and eventually even walking became a challenge and eventually had to have a hip replacement.

Now, I share what I have learned through healing my body. I see how all the lessons, hurdles, challenges, injuries, and experiences I have had up until now have prepared, taught and guided me to be the yoga therapist I am today.

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I teach a variety of classes in Los Angeles in the Southbay at Torrance Memorial Medical Center and workshops at The Garden of Grace Intention and Wellness. My offerings range from Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Wellness and Yoga for Balance.

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We can't always be together, so I will be creating a variety of free videos to help you with your practice for the times when we are apart.

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