Episode 1: My Journey to Stronger Bones

Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast: Take Control of Your Bone Health

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[1:35] Until you experience bone loss, you take for granted that your bones are your foundation

[2:40] I treated my chronic pain with excessive advil use not knowing that it was harming my gut

[3:40] An osteoporosis diagnosis makes you feel too fragile to move and you become inactive

[7:50] The importance of safety when taking on a yogic practice to avoid further injuries

[10:30] Understanding the effect of diet, sleep, and lifestyle on your bone health

[12:20] Your bone tissue begins breaking down as early as your 30’s

[13:10] A diagnosis is not the end because you can stop, slow down or even reverse bone loss

[15:18] Inflammation, stress, toxicity & inactivity are just a few of the 7 root causes of bone loss

[18:25] There is no single treatment that will improve bone health, it requires a lifestyle change

[21:00] Calcium supplements won’t work until you heal your body so it can utilize it effectively

[24:20] Detox and focus on what needs to heal, your gut, bones, acidity, or your physical body

[25:20] Bones must be in alignment, Incorrect posture is a huge contributing factor to bone loss

Today, I am sharing why I am so dedicated to helping women understand the root cause of their bone loss. Many women think their diagnosis is the end but wIth the right diet, sleep, and exercise, it is possible to stop, slow down, or even reverse bone loss.

After I was told my hip joint collapsed I felt delicate and weak. I was afraid of further injuring my hip and consequently stopped exercising which only worsened my condition. By healing my body as a whole and committing to a strengthening yoga routine, I not only regained flexibility but I no longer feel fragile.

I know what broken feels like, which is why I am equipping you with the tools to strengthen your bones or hopefully avoid bone loss altogether. Bone remodeling is a metabolic process which is why your diet, exercise, and lifestyle heavily influence the health of your bones. With simple lifestyle changes you can heal your gut and invigorate your bones again. I created this podcast to educate and inspire you because there is hope for a stronger, healthier, and more flexible tomorrow.

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