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If you have a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia and are looking for a natural way to improve your bone health without medication you are in the right place! I would like to show you how you can take control of your own health with bone health focused behaviors and habits. I have shared this wisdom since early 2014 and have so many who have experienced an increase in bone density, balance, strength, improved posture and alignment and confidence to live a strong and healthy life!

Osteoporosis is a worldwide disease, and a diagnosis of this condition can make you feel very weak, fragile and unsteady in your body and mind. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation By 2050, the worldwide incidence of hip fracture in men is projected to increase by 310% and 240% in women, compared to rates in 1990. There are many factors that contribute to a fracture and there are lifestyle behaviors that you can follow to significantly reduce your risk!

“I realized my leg strength and balance were comparable to 20 years ago!”

– Cathy R.

“Bones don’t just break; they break because you fall”
– Loren Fishman MD

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Osteoporosis diagnosis… now what?

My goal is to teach safe yoga for the aging body and especially if you have osteoporosis. In my certification with Dr Loren Fishman he said, “There isn’t a pill I can push across my desk that will do as much for a person as yoga can.” I believe yoga is the answer because yoga is a wholistic practice for the body and mind. Yoga not only strengthens the physical body you also learn to moderate stress which helps with your physiology and biochemistry and that is where osteoporosis occurs.

I notice fear is triggered in my students and clients with a diagnosis of osteoporosis and a feeling of being “breakable” arises. Fractures occur from falls and poor posture not just from bones being less dense. I focus much of my work on improving posture and alignment, strengthening the core, strengthening the muscles that support and move the bones and the mindset to empower my students to tap into their own inner healer.

Work with my privately to learn how to create your own daily routines that will strengthen your bones, balance, and confidence.

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I teach a variety of classes and workshops in Southern California at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. My offerings range from Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Wellness, Yoga for Balance and Aging Gracefully with Yoga . If you are interested in private or individual classes, please fill out the form below.

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Bones are living tissue and are in a state of constant remodeling. Osteoporosis is a lifestyle disease, and our lifestyle and behaviors have an effect moment by moment on the health, strength and density of our bones. I created a three-pillar approach because we need to get to the root cause of imbalances in our body and mind and then support the areas that we need to focus on to improve all aspects.

Debi Robinson Credentails

My Journey

About Debi Robinson

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist and Health Coach, and I would like to empower you to take charge of your bones and health. I had a life altering injury and found myself broken at age 50 and went back to a beginner mind so I understand how it feels to be worried and scared about moving your body. I had a hip replacement and had to put myself back together and build up my strength, range of motion and bring mobility back into my life. This wisdom is how I approach working with my clients. I have created many resources: online courses, programs, webinars, weekly live guided practices and I customize programs specific to my clients needs.

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