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First Live Session is on February 7th

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About Debi Robinson

Feeling like I couldn’t rely on my body in my late 40s pulled the rug out from under me and the life I was living became so small. I was living in a tiny box of movement for fear of fracturing my hip. I stopped playing tennis, traveling, and working out at the gym so my bone loss got worse from inactivity. 

At age 51 I had a total hip replacement.

I took charge of my bone health and took a U-turn from breakdown, fear, and weakness to strong, flexible, and confident. Now I am living the life of my dreams and I plan to live big, travel the world, and be very active as I age!

It is my passion to share with you that bone loss is not an inevitable part of aging and there is so much that you do have control over. This course gives you the tools that you need to learn how to make your bones, muscles, body, and balance stronger and take control of your bone health with a Stronger Bones Lifestyle.

I would love to guide you in the way I have helped myself and hundreds of women just like you, transform your bone health to live your life to the fullest… because I know that it is possible.

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