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The Missing Link To Stopping Excessive Bone Loss

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First live session is on February 10th

If you are ready to get to your root causes of bone loss, join us in this 5 month group program which consists of:

  • Three private 1-on-1 sessions where I run functional labs and work on your unique needs.
  • Six group 6 sessions over Zoom; twice a month.

Watch the video for an introduction to the course or click the button below to set up a discovery call with me to see if the program is right for you.

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About Debi Robinson

At 51, I had a total hip replacement and I know what it feels like when you think you can’t rely on your bones anymore because they seem fragile and weak. You stop participating in the activities you used to love because you are worried about breaking a bone and you feel like you are living in a tiny box of movement.

I have insight and foresight of how important it is to have strong bones, muscles and flexibility to have the confidence and freedom of movement to live a very active lifestyle. I also know the biology of bone health and how hormone and mineral imbalances, chronic inflammation and poor gut health contributes to slow leaks in the density and quality of your bones and once you uncover where this is happening you can put an end to it! Bone loss is not an inevitable aspect of aging.

I would love to guide you in the way I have helped myself and hundreds of women just like you, transform your bone health to live your life to the fullest because I know that it is possible.
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