Feeling Weak, Fragile, and Breakable? Discover the True Root Cause of Your Bone Loss

Take Control of Your Bone Health and Future

Osteoporosis is not a “one-pill-fix-all” disease.

It’s NOT an inevitable part of aging.

You see, the truth is that bone loss is reversible once you uncover WHY your body is breaking down bone faster than it’s building it.

And it all starts with discovering why your bone loss is happening in the first place.

Osteoporosis is the diagnosis — it’s not the real reason why your bones are brittle. 

Getting down to the root causes of your bone loss is critical.  

It’s much, much more than taking a calcium supplement or a pill for osteoporosis. 

It takes a lifestyle approach to slowing or even reversing your bone loss. 

Imagine living without fear of fracture, feeling confident that you have control, and being stronger than you have in years…

Hi, I'm Debi Robinson

I’m a certified Yoga Therapist and a Functional Health Coach helping women use natural approaches to taking control of their bone health. 

I’m on a mission to change the way we think about osteoporosis — bone loss is not an inevitable part of aging. 

After my total hip replacement at 51, I found a path to rebuilding my bones, increasing my strength, and feeling confident enough to travel again. 

And I’ve helped thousands of women do the same!

Over the course of my journey, I’ve discovered little-known secrets and protocols to reverse bone loss by looking at the root causes deep inside where bone remodeling takes place.

My hip joint collapsed at 50 years old, and I felt like I couldn’t rely on my bones anymore. 

I didn’t think my quality of life would be ripped away from me at such a young age. 

I was terrified that my hip bone would snap off. 

And where would I be when that happened?

Who would help me?

I didn’t have two legs to stand on. 

I gained 40 lbs, lost a lot of muscle, and felt hopeless.

I knew I had to do something. 

Spending the next 40+ years in a body that didn’t work wouldn’t allow me to see my kids grow up, play with my (future) grandkids, and do everything that I loved.  

Conventional medicine gave me a new hip, but could not help all of the other aspects of breakdown in my body that I needed to reverse. 

I did NOT want to rely on potentially dangerous medications for the rest of my life. 

(That was the ONLY option I was given.)

I already gave up thinking I’ll ever be active again — I did spin class 4 days a week, played tennis 5 days a week, and I ran 4-5 miles 6 days a week! 

On the day of surgery, I told my orthopedic surgeon that the only thing I truly wanted was to walk again. 

6 months later, I was climbing a mountain in India, and I couldn’t believe I got my freedom back.

Hiking that mountain was so profound for me. Not only did I get to walk, I got to hike

And you know what else I got?

Confidence, strength, balance and a body that I could rely on.  

I’m not worried about my bones anymore because I have control over what happens to them.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel fragile and breakable — and you have the power to not feel like that ever again. 

And I want to show you how you can do the same.

Debi Robinson Credentails

Introducing the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program

Healthy bones are a choice.

Having a plan in place is the key to feeling “unbreakable”.  

I developed the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program out of years of working with women to uncover the root causes of bone loss and teach them how to strengthen their body, bones, and balance through a “stronger bones lifestyle”. 

And after running thousands of functional labs, I’ve noticed that…

Your gut holds the key to building stronger bones. 

(There’s over 46,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles exploring the gut/bone connection!)

In just 12 weeks, you’ll discover how to take a u-turn on your bone loss by uncovering the 7 main root causes, and how to fix them.

Here’s What Women Just Like You Are Saying…

I promise, your situation is not hopeless, what you’re experiencing is NOT a sign of getting older its all about creating balance inside and out and I’ll guide you on how you can achieve it!

This course is delivered LIVE over 90 days, with bi-weekly group sessions and Q&A. The next session begins in January 2024.

Yes! I Want Stronger Bones!

The Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Group Program is only offered 3 times per year. Space is limited and I want to make sure that the clients I accept will get the best results from the program.  Please answer a few questions on the following page and I will get back to you shortly.

Are you ready to feel...

Imagine for a second what it would be like to live without the fear of fracture…

The thought of losing your independence…

The worry that you’ll be a burden on your family…

And finally, get the answers of how to take care of your bones so you’re in charge. 

Get out of bed with newfound strength, wow doctors that you’re able to turn the ship around on your bone loss, and feel like yourself again.

Seize your moment of freedom — dance, play, hike, travel, and live an active life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program is a comprehensive plan designed to help you take control of your bone health naturally. The program focuses on uncovering your root causes of bone loss and teaches you the habits and lifestyle necessary to strengthen your body, bones, and balance.

The program is delivered over 12 weeks, with two live group sessions each month. You’ll begin with proprietary self-assessments to identify the root causes of your bone loss. Throughout the program, you’ll discover the methods, habits and lifestyle to support the internal balance necessary to build stronger bones and to stop bone loss in its tracks.

Each live session is run by Debi Robinson, a bone health specialist, to sift through fact and fiction live, with all your questions answered on the spot. Topics like nutrition, medications, natural supplement supports, habits that dissolve your bones, safe exercises for bone building, stress management, and the importance of the gut-bone connection.

One-On-One Consultation With Debi Robinson – Get personalized advice for your bone health needs

Yoga Therapy For Osteoporosis Course — Safe exercises for osteoporosis at your finger-tips, on demand

Weekly Live Yoga Sessions For Osteoporosis — Get accountability and guidance to build bones, muscles, and balance

Recipes For Building Strong, Fracture-Proof Bones For Life — Delicious and nutrient-dense recipes that the whole family will enjoy

Knowledge Vault On Cutting-Edge Approaches To Osteoporosis — Cut through the noise and information overload and learn what really matters for stronger bones according to latest research

You can expect to feel stronger in your body and bones, have improved posture and balance, and, surprisingly, transformed digestive health. 

Empower yourself with information about which foods to eat, how to detox, which supplements to take, and which safe exercises work best for osteoporosis. Live without the fear of fractures, ensure your long-term independence, and enjoy an active and fulfilling life.