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Monday, May 2nd - Friday, May 6th

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All day, every day you have the opportunity to be strong, flexible, and mobile. It is not about your age. It is about your desire to be able to show up and participate in life and do all the amazing adventures that you dream about. It is about your courage to do what you can and not get caught up in what you can’t.

In this 5-day challenge, we will explore simple ways to improve bone health through movement, mindset, and nutrition. 

  • Bring more awareness into how you move, think, and fuel your body.
  • Each day includes a video overview, worksheet, and daily challenge!
  • 100% Free! Work at your own pace. Join a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal – BETTER BONE HEALTH!
  • Daily challenge information will be emailed to you and will also be available in our private Facebook Group.


"I LOVE this class! I have really taken your instructions to heart, Debi, and am now doing one-legged teeth brushing; morning foot/ankle/toe/hip wake-up; 12 yoga postures; and holding my phone super-high to keep my back straight!"
“Debi, I feel so fortunate that I came upon you, I might've been googling around and I had heard about "yoga for osteoporosis" and there you were!! It's made a huge difference; I feel like I'm getting stronger. I think I told you, I'm turning 70 in January, and I've done yoga on and off since I was 19. But hadn’t been able to do it for at least 5 years, due to wrist problems, pain travelled up my arm all the way to my shoulder and neck. Now I’m now able to do the poses without any pain radiating!!”
RN, Midwife
"I’m encouraged by your words to continue on my path to improve or at least stabilize my condition by improving my posture with your exercises, improving my diet, taking needed supplements and working on having a more positive outlook… Thank you Debi! I too am so thankful for finding you! "
Bette J.


About Debi Robinson

Debi Robinson helps women find natural approaches to Osteoporosis and Bone Health by helping them identify root causes of their bone loss. She has helped hundreds of women rescue their spiraling out of control bone loss, improve their DEXA scan scores and learn a lifestyle that leads to a stronger body, bones, and balance so they can live a very active lifestyle forever.

At 51, Debi had a total hip replacement and understands what it feels like to be anxious about your body and bones so she creates online programs, teaches weekly classes, and hosts live group Master Classes to teach her clients and students that it is possible to reverse bone loss. 

She also creates personalized health re-building programs for her private client’s unique needs to get to the root causes of bone loss to transform the density and quality of their bones.

Debi Robinson helps women with a diagnosis of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis take control of their bone health naturally and teaches them how to identify daily lifestyle habits that contribute to either bone building or bone loss. She has helped hundreds of women rescue their spiraling out of control bone loss, improve their DEXA scan scores and reclaim their best life.